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Is a Sprint Triathlon a good first Triathlon? I have been on summer swim team for the past 2 suemmrs, but I'm not in it this year and I was a sprinter, not a distance swimmer. This is also my second year in cross-country and as for bicycling I use it as a form of transportation.I was planning on doing each sport 2 days a week, once for endurance and the other for speed.Oh, I forgot to mention I live in Ohio although I have wanted to visit California. [url=]fshxwkdobi[/url] [link=]speurc[/link]

Stage de triathlon du 20 au 27 avril : le site

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Stage de triathlon du 20 au 27 avril : le site
L'hotel et la plage de fenals....
Réservation hôtel : confirmée pour 50 personnes,
Réservation piscine : confirmée pour 42 personnes (7 lignes d'eau tous les jours),
Y'a plus qu'à trouver un glacier et un bon bar à bière....

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