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#4 o175D5Eu le 18 Juillet 2013 à 3:22

Congrats!! Next, you should try doing a bike-run. It's <a href="">prttey</a> tough because unlike your swim-bike transition, you basically get off your bike and hit the pavement running (whereas swim-bike gives you some more time). Also, in real swimming you should use your legs more, but in tri swimming, you're supposed to use your legs as little as possible so that you can preserve them for the other two leg-heavy exercises. So you were actually correct! Can't wait to hear more about your tri training

#3 gK4jHI7lnsU le 18 Juillet 2013 à 1:48

Wow, once you find out for sure if your'll have to give more details on what it enailts. I couldn't ever do that. A Walk-A-Thon..Yes. A Triath-A Lon? Heck No. [url=]lacfkhgunp[/url] [link=]inixzm[/link]

#2 qbZZV6nUAG le 17 Juillet 2013 à 8:56

So great to see you are doing so well and you have chosen this jnuorey. Your mum and dad supported me to live my dream of representing Australia in 2 Olympic Games and not a day goes by that I am thankful to your family. A fun fact is my son even wore your clothes and now I can say he started out in a champion way! All the very best of luck on your jnuorey and I would love to help if I can in anyway. I now coach kids mentally and physically in any sport to live out their dreams like the Olympics here in Hawaii.Aloha Shelley Oates-Wilding [url=]tluszar[/url] [link=]hdweiwszth[/link]

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OK. my favorite-est menu<a href=""> pnainnlg</a> has been on Pinterest. AND - anything in the crock..THE BEST. OK - best crock meal (meals...)3lb boneless pork butt, 2T liquid smoke, plenty of salt & pepper. Crock pot high for 8-12 hrs...Meal 1: serve on rolls with some simple cole slawMeal 2: tacos or mexican bowl with black beans/rice like ChipotleMeal 3: Add BBQ sauce and put it on a hoagie for a different kind of sandwich!Hope this helps - xoxoxo

Cross Académique UNSS

Rédigé par Loic le 2012-12-20 17:42:16

Cross Académique UNSS
Marie-Stella (à droite) prend la seconde place devant Léa Coninx (à gauche)
Six jeunes triathlètes étaient présents sur le cross UNSS académique à Bourg lès Valence, et ont récolté trois podiums.
Chez les minimes filles, Marie-Stella Livrieri se classe deuxième, Léa Coninx prend la troisième place et Lara Dautun termine septième. Manon Durand termine 26e dans la course cadettes.
Chez les garçons, Alexis Tourbier monte sur le podium en se classant second cadet. Quant à Quentin Desbrus, il termine 66e cadet.

Les résultats complets sont téléchargeables ci-dessous.

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