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Hi Melvin,Thanks for the question.Before I awsner your question, are you currently doing any swim training?If you are then this is great. If you are not, then no problem. You can definitely reach the target within your timeframe. Considering that this is your first triathlon, the main thing to focus on is finishing the race and having a great time doing it (unless you have a specific goal / target in mind).With only 3 weeks away, it is great that the swim is 1/4 mile (or roughly 400m).So if you break it down it is only 8 laps of a 50m pool.Without knowing exactly where you are at with your swim training or how much time you have to train, it is difficult to give you exact advice.So I will offer the following:If you have 3 weeks till race day and you can swim 3 times per week, you are going to be able to fit in 9 swim sessions.For the first week I would concentrate on building up some strength in the water and getting used to the water. If you are swimming at a local pool, see if they have a swimming squad as you may be able to join in and learn some great tips. If not, I would focus on your breathing in the water, making sure that you are exhaling and inhaling correctly. one of my earlier post has a short video on technique (here are a couple of earlier posts on swim training, and ). During this first week you can also incorporate swimming some laps using a kickboard.For weeks 2 and 3 you want to start to build up your distance. Start each session with a suitable warm-up and then focus on being able to swim 50m without stopping. The go for 100m without stopping. If by the end of the 2nd week you can swim 250 300m without stopping you are well on your way. For the 3rd week just keep building on this until you are able to swim 450m without stopping. I recommend being able to swim further than the race distance as this will give you some extra confidence going into the race that you can make the distance. Remember to relax in the water, as this will allow you to glide through the water and not slash around.I hope that this information has helped. If you would like any further information please let me know.I wish you the best of luck with your triathlon on 14th August. Let me know how you get on I would love to hear about it.Cheers,Jarrod [url=]mybtmhndyp[/url] [link=]jxreazwnwe[/link]

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Your painting is guogors! Love that door and that wall inside is gorgeous! So happy to have found your inspirational space here! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and love to you!

Résultats du week-end

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Résultats du week-end
Violaine Fabre à l'arrivée de la corrida de Sassenage

Podium pour Violaine Fabre à la corrida de Sassenage

Belle perf de Violaine Fabre, qui monte sur la troisième marche du podium chez les féminines. Bernard Milesi et Emile Quilez étaient également de la partie et terminent respectivement 32e (3e V2H) et 163e.

Autre triathlète engagé sur une course sur route, Thibault Morenval boucle le difficile 10km FFA de Tournon en 36'11.

Départementaux de natation

Fortune diverse pour les sept triathlètes présents sur les interclubs de natation.
Nouveaux records pour Kevin Rundstadler et Lucas Jacolin sur 200m NL, pour Pierre-Jean Mounier sur 100m papillon, pour Yassir Silini, Lucas Jacolin et Lara Dautun sur 200m brasse et 200m dos et Loïc Fernandez sur 1500m NL. Pas de record, malgré de belles perfs pour Marie-Stella Livreri.

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